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Will the NRCC Declare Its Love for Nancy Pelosi on a Mobile Billboard Outside her Office?

BY Miranda Neubauer | Thursday, October 18 2012

The National Republican Congressional Committee is asking its supporters to propose messages to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi that the committee plans to display on a mobile billboard to be driven around the speaker's San Francisco office.

Via, supporters can submit 100 character messages to Pelosi. The winning message will be determined by how many times the message is shared via e-mail or by Twitter, with the idea that users promote their submitted messages to their friends who can share and vote on it further.

Currently, the message with a top score of 581 is "You have to spend your retirement fund to find out how much is in it." The second most popular one with a score of 522 is "We love you, Nancy. We need you as speaker."

That message appears to have been launched by Marrisa Geller, an analyst at The Atlas Project, who tweeted earlier today, "The @nrcc fails at social media! vote on a message they will put on a billboard! mine: #LOLaPelosi #lolgop #forward"

The NRCC said it plans to promote the campaign via its various social media channels, but "but we’re banking on the viral aspect of this campaign that’s baked right into the formula. People can only win if they promote their message to their friends," NRCC Digital Director Gerrit Lansing wrote in an e-mail.

"Since Nancy Pelosi has ignored the clear message sent to her in the 2010 elections that America doesn’t want her in power, we’ll make sure she sees their message circling her office in San Francisco for an entire day," NRCC Digital Coordinator Nick Marcelli said in a statement. "Just as she once told America that we had to pass ObamaCare to find out what was in it, Pelosi is going to find out what Americans think of her failed leadership thanks to”

The NRCC is billing this as a follow-up to its Printer Project, which also was a target of pranksters.

While Lansing said that trolls or pranksters would always be expected on the Internet today, he said he had no worries that the message on the leaderboard would be one attuned with the conservative point of view. "It's helpful if we have the left advertising that we're doing this," he said, adding that he would encourage people from any political persuasion to tweet using the hashtag. He said the success of the project so far demonstrates how Republicans are energized. "Within the first five minutes we were getting three to four messages a minute, and that pace has been maintained throughout the day." He added that some of Pelosi's own staff had been tweeting about the site, sending it more traffic.

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