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San Francisco Hackathon To Focus On Improving Public Transportation

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Friday, October 5 2012

San Francisco is a laggard in the field of public transportation when compared to many other big cities of the world. Unlike Hong Kong, London or New York City, it's often not possible to take a bus or subway to get somewhere in a timely fashion. And parking is a nightmare.

Hence many companies opt to locate themselves in the Peninsula, where employees can hop on WiFi-enabled shuttles to get to work.

San Francisco's Mayor Ed Lee wants to change that, and to bring more companies back into the city. His staffers recently convened with Hattery Labs to figure out ways of making this happen. One idea they had was to arm San Franciscans with better information about their transportation options. So they're convening a hackathon mid-October. The goal is to get 50 or so developers to create a variety of apps that will both help the city to engage in better transportion planning, to help San Franciscans to more easily plan their trips, and to better communicate how the city is fixing transportion problems.

The event is being organized by Hattery Labs, Engine Advocacy, the San Francisco Mayor's office and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority. Other sponsors of the event include Google,, General Assembly, and Waze.

More details about there event are available here.