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Mapping Deaths in Syria's Civil War

BY Lisa Goldman | Thursday, August 9 2012

Screen shot of the Guardian's new visualization that shows Syria's death toll in a timeline.

Keeping track of the death toll over the past year of the Syrian uprising, now classified by the Red Cross as a civil war, has been difficult. Neither the al-Assad regime nor the FSA (Free Syrian Army) has supplied independently verifiable numbers, even as the regime has prevented NGOs from moving around and observing freely. The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says that the death toll has surpassed 21,000. Most seem to agree that the number is reasonably accurate.

Meanwhile, the Guardian has published a map that tracks the death toll according to region. The data is taken from Syrian Shuhada, which the Guardian notes is also used as a source by the UN, while the map itself was created by CartoDB.

By clicking on the map's play button, one can see the locations of deaths in a timeline, with adult and child deaths indicated by color. It's quite a sobering picture.