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The Pirate Party Has A Brazilian Chapter

BY Antonella Napolitano | Monday, July 30 2012

Last Friday, Rick Falkvinge, founder of the Pirate Party, announced the birth of the Brazilian chapter of the movement:

[...] the Partido Pirata do Brasil has a significant head start, in terms of hearts and minds before many other countries. People have seen the net, seen the advantages it brings, and reject the US-dominated monopoly industries. It starts out with a significantly larger program than most PPs have had on day one, a program that includes social diversity, a secular state, and net access. Running the numbers, it would appear that once registered as a party, they have an excellent shot at making it in the elections two years out.

A rapidly developing nation with an increasingly important role in the global economy, Brazil is also on the forefront of open government issues, being a co-chair of the Open Government Partnership and developing a strong transparency and openness strategy (last month, on Techpresident, professor Greg Michener defined it “a shock treatment”.)

The “Partido Pirata do Brasil” may have soon the chance of raising its voice, as Brazil is also in the process of discussing an advanced law on net neutrality and Internet access, says Falkvinge:

[…] there is a proposal in Brazil called the Marco Civil which establishes a firm charter of rights online – it establishes net neutrality, it establishes that net access is a precondition for the ability to exercise citizenship, and it establishes that carriers are never responsible for carried traffic.”