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Adding Fundraising to the Dashboard, OFA Sees Green in Grassroots Organizing

BY Nataliya Nedzhvetskaya | Wednesday, July 25 2012

Dashboard, the Obama campaign’s online organizing platform, rolled out a new feature on Tuesday — a “grassroots fundraising tile” that lets users create their own fundraising page where they can set an individual fundraising goal and write a personal message to friends and family.

When users arrive on the fundraising page, they see a pre-set goal of $200 and a pre-written message reading:

“This campaign will be funded by you and me — real people giving what we can afford. But if we're going to win, we need to build a grassroots campaign that's bigger and stronger than anything we've built before. I've set a goal for how much I want to raise — will you donate today to help me meet it?”

After creating the page, users are encouraged to contact friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter. Under a resources tab, Dashboard users can access guidelines on grassroots fundraising and watch a video by Betsy Hoover, the OFA director of online organizing.

The campaign has also created an official grassroots fundraising group where supporters can “meet other grassroots fundraisers, share tips, and get special updates.”

The push towards more fundraising comes after an unsettling couple of months for the Obama campaign financial team. In an email to supporters, the Obama campaign reported that they had raised $35 million less than the Romney campaign in June, not including super PAC money.