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Tools You Use: Vincent Harris on Wufoo

BY Personal Democracy Plus | Tuesday, July 24 2012

For Personal Democracy Plus subscribers, techPresident is asking some of the folks out there on the leading edge of digital politics and government to point out just one tool or service that has become a mainstay, a must-use or just incredibly helpful in their work. There's one rule: It can't be something the person has built or the person's company is selling. We're asking folks to pay some karma forward here and highlight an innovation coming from elsewhere that makes their work easier.

Vincent Harris is a Republican digital strategist who led online efforts first for Texas Gov. Rick Perry's and then then for former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's presidential campaigns. Wufoo is a form-creation service that costs as little as $30 a month for $3,000 entries.

1. What's the tool/service?


2. What do you use it to do?

Wufoo allows us to easily create any kind of form, and then embed it on a Facebook tab, website, or splash page. We use it for petitions, polls, and endorsement maps—anything we want someone to sign up for.

3. How is it changing your work or making your life as a digital professional that much easier?

In this profession, one of our main goals is to raise money. The best way I’ve found to do this online is to organically grow an email list, and then target those emails we’ve gathered with donation asks. With Wufoo, gaining email addresses becomes so easy because we can put the form anywhere and around any issue. For example, we can run a Facebook ad around “Help Us Stop ObamaCare—Sign Our Petition!” Once the user clicks, it will take them directly to a Facebook tab with our “petition”—merely a Wufoo form with fields for First Name / Last Name / Email / Zip Code. They fill out the form, and we later can target them with an ObamaCare-themed email in hopes to raise money from them.