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Report: Federal Authorities Investigating Break-In Into Mitt Romney's Email Account

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Tuesday, June 5 2012

Federal authorities were notified Tuesday night about an apparent hack into Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's private email and Dropbox accounts, according to Gawker, which had been tipped off about the incident.

Gawker received a note from a "tipster," Tuesday night saying that they'd broken into Romney's Hotmail and Dropbox accounts by guessing the name of his favorite pet.

The tipster had accessed the accounts after The Wall Street Journal published a story Tuesday about how the former Governor of Massachusetts managed the process of pushing through the state's controversial healthcare law. The story was based on e-mail records that The Journal had obtained through a public records request. The records showed that Romney communicated with his staff at the time through his private e-mail account.

Unlike David Kernell, the student who broke into Sarah Palin's account in 2008 however, this individual didn't share screenshots, but they did provide Gawker with the account password, which Gawker Editor John Cook blacked out.

The The Associated Press reports that Romney's Hotmail address was active as recently as this March, but that as of Tuesday evening it seems to have been disabled, with messages being sent to the account returned as undeliverable.