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PDF12: Full Schedule Posted

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, June 4 2012

We're pleased to announce that the full schedule for PDF12, is now online. In addition to 46 amazing keynoters, we're offering a diverse set of twenty-two breakout sessions over the course of the two-day gathering this June 11-12. The breakouts are grouped into five main topic areas,and scheduled so you can choose to attend a complete track of four (or pick and choose as you like):

-The Politics of 2012: On the first day of the conference, we'll go from the big picture with top strategists and national pundits with "The November Election: Online and in the Media" (sponsored by Harvard's Institute of Politics), to the latest news from this week's electoral battlefield in the mid-West with a bipartisan look at "The Battle of Wisconsin." Then on day two, we'll look at the wake of the SOPA/PIPA fight and "The Future of the Left-Right Internet Coalition," and end with a series of cutting-edge demos of a variety of dynamic new online projects with "New Platforms for Changing Politics."

-Global View: With this track we're going outside America's boundaries to look at the various ways connection technologies are altering politics overseas. First, on day one, we'll hear from civic activists in Iceland, Romania, and Germany who will discuss how they are "Rebooting Countries; Rebooting Politics"; followed by an in-depth discussion of the international politics of government transparency advocacy (sponsored by the Omidyar Network) with "The Open Government Partnership: Progress and Challenges." Then on the second day we'll look at what will happen to the Internet as more people come online in authoritarian settings with "Freedom on the Non-American Internet," and "Online Life in China."

-Internet Freedom: Arguably, if you're a tech nerd, this is your track, though as with every PDF panel, the discussion is meant to be accessible to non-nerds too. But the overarching theme with these four sessions is how we build a world where technology serves us, rather than the other way around. We'll start off with "Reviving the Indie Web," a look at how you can control your own web presence from sites to status updates; and then "Media When We Can All Be Media," a discussion of how the read-write web is fostering participatory culture. Then on day two, we'll explore "Privacy As If Users Mattered," focusing on efforts to build services that truly take privacy seriously, and then end with a look at projects that aim to make connectivity itself ubiquitous and cheap called "Liberating the Network."

-We Government: With this track we're going to dig in on the variety of ways the people and their governments are using data to make civic life smarter and more responsive to public needs. We'll start with a look at "The Cutting Edge of Open Government" with speakers from the White House to various agencies and cities that are opening up from the inside; and then look at "Learning from
the Senseable City" with urban data hackers who are mapping the intelligence that can be gleaned from all the data exhaust we give off as we go about our lives. Then on day two, we'll ponder how people are "Designing a More Writeable Society" with the growing spread of coding skills (sponsored by Mozilla) and learn about "Decentralized Power; Centralized Tools" (sponsored by Microsoft).

And, for those of you who want to update and refine your online campaigning smarts, Personal Democracy Plus is hosting a track on Online Organizing and Campaigning. We'll start on day one with "Using Data to Move Supporters to Action," which will focus on best-practices in online targeting, followed by a discussion of "The Lean Startup Model for Politics," which will explore how many of today's new online political efforts are structuring themselves like Silicon Valley startups. Then on day two, we'll hear from cutting edge practitioners of the new art of raising money by tapping social networks with "Online Fundraising--Making the Most of Social," and then we'll finish off the track with "Big Data Invades Political Advertising," a clear-headed guide to making the most of new universe of databases and marketing options.

Finally, on the first day of the conference, we have two extra breakouts: a one-on-one conversation with author and Microsoft partner architect Jaron Lanier, and an exploration of the potential for the sharing economy called "Collaborative Economics: American Dream 2.0."

We're lucky to have so many great presenters sharing their expertise on this panels, and know that whichever ones you choose to attend, you'll come away wiser. For more details on the entire conference schedule, go here. And register now--online registration closes this Friday and prices at the door will be higher.