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Roemer to Americans Elect: Thanks Anyway

BY Nick Judd | Friday, May 18 2012

Remember Buddy Roemer? The former Louisiana governor was campaigning for the chance to become president on a platform of reduced corporate influence in politics and conservative fiscal policy, but his status as an outsider candidate kept him out of the debate-night limelight and his message did not attract the high-dollar donations necessary to make a credible showing in a presidential bid.

So Roemer turned from the Republican race to Americans Elect, which, thanks to millions of dollars from a mostly anonymous group of wealthy backers, promised to create a third-party slot on the ballot for a candidate selected by people on the Internet. Of course they kept a level of control over the process and most of the donors never named themselves, revealing that the entire expedition was never quite as bottom-up as it may have needed to be to succeed. The party announced recently that it would suspend its online candidate selection process, leaving organizations in several states with an open slot on the ballot.

Naturally, Roemer is not enthused. From a statement released earlier this afternoon:

I am disappointed in the decision of Americans Elect to discontinue their online nominating process. As in any new process, Americans Elect's procedure was ripe with difficulty related to access, validation and security issues. This is not unexpected, but I thank them for their effort at choice and reform.

I am taking the next few days to review with supporters how best to proceed from here. A political system corrupted by special interest money and a Party duopoly addicted to that same money demands reform. We aim to figure out the best way to deliver the message and highlight examples which best prove this point.