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Romney Campaign Targets Obama's Barnard Commencement Speech With Google Ads

BY Miranda Neubauer | Monday, May 14 2012


New York City area web users looking for details about Barnard College's Commencement Ceremony, where President Barack Obama gave the Commencement Address earlier this afternoon, are also likely to have encountered a targeted ad calling out "Obama's Wasteful Spending" on Mitt Romney's website, as Emily Schultheis from Politico first reported. While she suggested it was targeted at only the zip code where the college is located on Manhattan's Upper West Side, it also showed up on a search for a zip code located in Queens, while accessing the Internet from Lower Manhattan. But it did not show up for an Internet user located outside the New York area.

Clicking on "why this ad?" from Google says that it is based on the current search term.

Google Politics also highlighted the use of its ads in this way.