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A Geek PAC Raises $10,000 For Television Campaign Against Texas Congressman Lamar Smith

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Friday, May 11 2012

TestPAC is raising money to oppose Texas Congressman Lamar Smith. Image: TestPAC

TestPAC, the political action committee formed earlier this year by several members of the Reddit community, has raised just over $10,000 since the launch of its May 5 "moneybomb," according to the organization's web site. The group aims to raise $25,000 for a local television ad campaign against the Republican congressman from Texas Lamar Smith.

Smith has been in TestPAC's crosshairs since his sponsorship of the Stop Online Piracy Act, which was blocked earlier this year after extensive protests both online and off.

The group isn't just raising money, however. Its Treasurer Andy Posterick says on the group's blog that he's been actively canvassing for support in Texas and recruiting volunteers, especially on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin, which lies within Smith's district.

In addition to handing out flyers on campus, Posterick has also been canvassing political rallies, including ones for Smith's opponent Sheriff Richard Mack and for Ron Paul. He also says he met with Occupy Austin supporters, who apparently agreed to make signs with QR codes that link to

Meanwhile, TestPAC Chairman Jeromie Whalen has been working with the Reddit community to design an anti-Lamar Smith mailer (pictured above.)

TestPAC is part of a larger alliance of PACs that have banded together to unseat Smith, according to a recent story in POLITICO. The Texas primary is on May 29th.

Smith's opponents are Tea Party candidate Sheriff Richard Mack, an Oath Keeper, and Richard Morgan, a software engineer, whose primary platform appears to be based on the Internet's role in the U.S. economy.