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In Pivot to General, Romney Campaign Seeking to Build Out Digital Staff

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, May 10 2012

Mitt Romney. Photo: Austen Hufford

For Personal Democracy Plus subscribers:The Romney campaign is advertising technology-related jobs on Mashable. (via @adamostrow)

Romney digital director Zac Moffatt says a robust internal tech staff is the new normal for presidential campaigns, but those positions weren't a priority during primary season.

"This is what people are doing online in 2012," he told techPresident Thursday morning. "This is the team that we need to build to be successful."

The job openings range from interaction designers to Drupal software engineers to business analysts. Moffatt says that the campaign will focus on infographics, shareable content, and "reducing" the "friction," as the campaign parlance goes, involved in people's interactions with Team Romney online.

The Obama campaign filled out many of the same positions while the Republican Party continued its search for a nominee. Short version: Comparing the Obama and Romney campaigns' digital efforts up until now was comparing apples and oranges. Obama still has a clear advantage in staff size and financial resources, but an in-house team may give Romney better ability to compete online in the day-to-day war for attention and fundraising dollars.

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