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With the 2012 Election Looming, NRCC Names a New Digital Director

BY Nick Judd | Friday, April 27 2012

The National Republican Congressional Committee's eCampaign director, John Randall, has left to become director of political advertising at AOL, the NRCC has confirmed.

House Budget Committee press secretary Gerrit Lansing is leaving his current gig to become digital director at the NRCC. Lansing's first day is April 30.

Forces in both Democratic and Republican camps are gearing up for the general election, setting up "war rooms" with television monitors and caffeine-powered trackers to compile relevant media coverage. The Republican National Committee told techPresident earlier this week, for instance, that it would be sending digital directors to 13 states. Barack Obama's campaign director, Jim Messina, told reporters that the re-election effort would kick off in earnest May 5; the campaign is setting up a training program to train more staffers in the efficient use of data on supporters.

“The NRCC will continue to be on offense to hold Democrats accountable on every network and platform. As Digital Director, Gerrit’s experience will be a tremendous asset to Republican candidates as we work to strengthen the Majority in the House,” Paul Lindsay, NRCC's communications director, said in a statement.

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