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Obama 2012 Hiring More Staffers To Manage Campaign Data

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Thursday, April 26 2012

Barack Obama's re-election campaign is once again on the look-out for data geeks.

Specifically, the campaign is creating an "Obama Field Tech Academy" to train new staffers to manage the volumes of information generated by the army of volunteers and get-out-the-vote efforts.

"Data staff work on all aspects of data programs including data analysis and handling, reporting, auditing, training, and administering online tools," reads the job description. "Data staff support the field effort by making technology an accessible and powerful tool for organizers and volunteers."

The Data Academy trains applicants online for five weeks for one session a week for five hours a pop. In addition to the online session there's an offline exercise that applicants must complete. Those accepted by the campaign could be dispatched off to a battleground state to manage efforts in those states.

The sessions will take place between May 16 and June 16, and the deadline for applications is May 2.