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Jon Stewart and Barack Obama's "Techno-Wizard" Ways

BY Nick Judd | Friday, April 6 2012

By now you may have seen this video of Jon Stewart taking Barack Obama's re-election campaign to task for the barrage of casual requests for money that tend to crop up towards the end of each month and as campaigns approach quarterly filing deadlines with the Federal Election Commission.

Besides Stewart being Stewart, the idea that the President of the United States doesn't need to resort to headlines like, "Hey," to get money, and a brief clip of techPresident publisher Andrew Rasiej, the video is worth watching because it's an example of another thing the Obama campaign is casually doing: Figuring out exactly what to say to you online.

Like Stewart, I get emails from all of the campaigns, too. I got one from Obama with the "Hey" subject line on March 31 as well, also asking me to give money before the end of the month.

But I got a different email. The campaign asked me for $3, but Stewart shows a screenshot during the program with an ask of $75:



Did you get a "Hey" email asking for some other donation level? Let us know or leave a message in the comments.