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Rick Santorum's Campaign Raises Eyebrows With Thank You E-Mails To Those Who Didn't Donate

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Monday, April 2 2012

Rick Santorum's presidential campaign raised a few eyebrows recently when several people received e-mails thanking them for their financial donations to the campaign -- even though they hadn't contributed a dime.

The thank-you note from Santorum's Campaign Manager Mike Biundo read:

I just wanted to thank you for your recent donation to the campaign. You and thousands of other donors were the key to helping us beat our March fundraising goal and giving us the resources to mount a potent get-out-the vote campaign in Wisconsin's Tuesday primary.

But we're looking down the road as well -- and frankly, we like what we see. Two new polls show Rick gaining ground in Nebraska and the key swing state of North Carolina. Pollsters noted that Mitt Romney was more unpopular in Nebraska than President Obama. And in North Carolina, we're tied with Mitt Romney. The polling firm noted "More and more conservatives are unifying around Santorum as the alternative to Romney."

I also want to echo one thing Rick said. We're not in this to prove some point. Rick can win the nomination if he gets support from enough concerned voters. And I appreciate all the help you have given us so far.

Several people, including this reporter, received the note Sunday night, even though they hadn't given to the campaign.

Some of those people include techPresident alumnus Nancy Scola, techPresident Editorial Director Micah Sifry, Amanda Terkel, The Huffington Post's senior political reporter and politics managing editor, and International Business Times' Sara Dover, among others.

The apparent inadvertent note led to some mockery on Twitter with Elizabeth Warren's New Media Director and former Blue State Digital Online Communications Director Lauren Miller tweeting: "Santorum campaign just sent an email thanking me for my recent donation. Umm, no. #segmentationfail."

But apparently it wasn't just reporters and political pros who received the note. Amateur photographer Stephen Haas also received it and tweeted: "Got an e-mail today thinking me for my donation to the Santorum campaign ... This had better be an April Fool's day joke."