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State Department Developing Indian NGO Portal

BY Raphael Majma | Monday, March 19 2012

The State Department is in the final stages of creating an online portal to help Indian-Americans donate to non-government entities in India.
In India, entities receiving donor funds have been accused of “gross misuse,” and it has been difficult for Indian-Americans to identify what nonprofit entities may be safely donated to. The United States government responded by creating a partnership with GuideStar India to review and vet the organizations for “accountability, transparency, and the level of funding kept for organizational operations.” The Indian government has previously had to ban organizations from receiving foreign funding and has adapted its laws to require greater accountability.

The new site will put together all the “genuine” organizations working in India, which have been certified and are complaint with the Foreign Contribution Regulations Act. Users will be available to search for organizations by region in India and field of choice. Upon launch, users will be able to donate money online, but over time the site will transition to being able to donate tangible goods.