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The White House's First 40 Days

BY Raphael Majma | Wednesday, March 14 2012

Brook Colangelo, the Chief Information Officer of the Executive Office of the President, realized shortly after President Obama’s inauguration that the current IT assets “were in pretty bad shape.” ComputerWorld reports on Colangelo’s realization that early in his tenure at the White House that over 82% of “White House’s technology had reached the end of life.” Among a myriad of other tech problems, within the first 40 days the administration’s email was down 23% of the time. In the article, Colangelo describes a number of particularly difficult events during his tenure as CIO, but many ended with positive outcomes that would help to alleviate future issues.

One outcome was the creation of a second recovery data center after having to fax the President updates because of a prolonged period of Internet and email disruption. In response to a need for greater automation, a project was designed to let interns meet with officials and match their problems with newly created solutions. This project built 40 applications over the course of eight weeks.

Colangelo says he is proud of the job he's done and attributed progress made to "never let[ting] a bad day go to waste."