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Nobody's Mad About Twitter's Censorship Move ... Except For the People Who Are

BY Nick Judd | Friday, January 27 2012

Over at Huffington Post, Bianca Bosker reports on a growing group of Twitter users who plan to stop using Twitter for a full day tomorrow in protest against company's newly announced ability to censor different tweets in different countries:

Some users are calling on fellow Twitterers to silence their tweets on January 28 as a way of expressing their opposition to Twitter's plan. They are using the hashtag #TwitterBlackout to organize the boycott, and tweets tagged with the hashtag are rolling in at a clip of about 12 per minute. The tweets span a range of languages, including English, German, Spanish and Arabic.

That part of the digerati which follows freedom of speech online and thinks big thoughts about what corporations can or can't be expected to do have already formed a consensus that says, basically, Twitter is doing the best it can. It is a corporation with shareholders and a profit motive, it wants to expand globally, and, in their view, this is about as far a company can move towards free speech online when it plans to have offices in countries with different expectations.

This is an unsatisfactory answer for a growing number of Twitter users. And after all, what is Internet organizing for if not rising up against the consensus opinion of gatekeepers and powers that be?