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On NY Gov. Cuomo's Transparency Record and Online Initiatives

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, January 18 2012

New York political writer Azi Paybarah sums up Andrew Cuomo's record as a first-year governor. In his first year, Cuomo shepherded through the legalization of same-sex marriage, flouted protesters who had dubbed him "Governor One Percent" by passing tax reforms that increase taxes on the rich, and laid the political groundwork for a brand new convention center to be built in one of New York City's outer boroughs — all largely outside of the public eye.

Here's Azi:

His list of first-year legislative accomplishments is long, and the public will or won't decide to care about the manner in which he achieved them. (His approval rating so far suggests that they won't.)

But Cuomo can't really govern that way and also claim that he's breaking the Three Men paradigm and flooding the smoke-filled back room with sunlight.

Related: Today, Cuomo launched a new website aimed at increasing public participation in the legislative process. It allows users to input their email addresses.