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Business USA is Weeks Away, Obama Says

BY Miranda Neubauer | Friday, January 13 2012

The Obama administration's previously announced Business USA proposal is now part of a larger effort to reorganize several agencies of the executive branch. In a speech this morning, Obama asked Congress to give him consolidation authority to merge six agencies related to trade and commerce.

In his speech, Obama said:

Right now, there are six departments and agencies focused primarily on business and trade in the federal government – from the Commerce Department to the Small Business Administration to the U.S. Trade Representative’s office. Six. In this case, six isn’t better than one. It’s redundant and inefficient. With the authority I am requesting today, we could consolidate them all into one department with one website, one phone number and one mission – helping American businesses succeed.

His speech was accompanied by a graphic illustrating his streamlining proposal. The graphic shows that currently for various business-related inquiries, users might, for example, either have to go, or, instead of just one website:

In his speech, Obama said the administration would be unveiling the Business USA website in the coming weeks as a "one-stop shop for small businesses and exporters, consolidating the information that’s right now spread across a number of government sites."