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What "Targeted Internet Advertising" Looks Like

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, January 3 2012

The Obama campaign has purchased ad space that occupies the entire background of the Des Moines Register's homepage today, the day of the Iowa caucuses.

While the campaign's online buy in Iowa also includes other ads, this one — being a background image — isn't clickable. It doesn't send the viewer anywhere. But it certainly will find most politically inclined Iowans when they go looking for the Register's political coverage today.

Update: Kate Kaye notes that an Obama for America banner ad across the top of the Register's homepage does link out. As I noted earlier, other OfA ad stock — such as the ad in the middle rail of the above screenshot — is also clickable.

Kaye quotes campaign sources as saying that Des Moines Register online ad space is hard to come by just now, and points out — as we have — that the Romney campaign has reached for as big a chunk of the Iowa online ad market as it can. Team Romney told techPresident late last month that at least 10 percent of its ad spend goes online.