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Iowa GOP Web Site Down Temporarily Monday

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Monday, January 2 2012

The Iowa GOP's web site was down temporarily Monday as the party's servers presumably groaned under the load of people trying to find out where their caucusing locations are.

The site was inaccessible for at least several minutes around 2 p.m. local time in Iowa. A receptionist answering the phone at the Iowa GOP's offices at the time confirmed that the site was down, but declined to say how long the outage had lasted. She added that the tech staff was working on restoring access.

Nicole Sizemore, a spokeswoman for the Iowa GOP, later said that the site had been up for most of the day, and that the party had not received any complaints.

The outage is noteworthy simply because a YouTube message made in the name of "Anonymous," in November promised a disruption of the Iowa Caucuses. The Iowa GOP has responded by saying that it is shoring up its defenses.

Iowans planning on participating in the Iowa Republican Party's caucuses Tuesday can alternatively find out where to go by calling up the Iowa GOP's offices or the Iowa Secretary of State's office.

They can also access the information, along with a handy map, via the Iowa GOP's iPhone or Android app.