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Daily Digest: Netrooters Pick Priorities for Selves, POTUS

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, July 22 2008

A straw poll of attendees at last week's Netroots Nation conference finds that respondents have different priorities for themselves and their president; Ed Cone interviews the Next Right's Jon Henke will DC's ... Read More

Daily Digest: The Evolutionary Tracks of the Left and Right

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, July 21 2008

In today's Daily Digest, we rather exhaustively recap Netroots Nation and RightOnline, the blogger conferences held this past week and weekend in Austin, Texas. Read More

Daily Digest: The Bloggers at Night Are Big and Bright...

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, July 18 2008

Both the online left and the online right gather in Austin, though the size and profile of Netroots Nation demonstrates the distance that conservatives still have to travel on the Internet; a congressman takes up a new ... Read More

Netroots Nation 2008, Live Video Here

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, July 17 2008

I'm in Austin, Texas for the Netroots Nation conference today and tomorrow, and will try to do some live video interviews as I bump into people and post them here. I'm speaking tomorrow on a panel on "Transparency, ... Read More

Daily Digest: The Well-Oiled Campaign Machine

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, July 17 2008

Bill Richardson and -- sooprise, sooprise -- Ron Paul come out on top of Slate's vice-presidential picker; the Obama campaign is, in the words of one Dean veteran, not innovative but "extraordinarily professional;" we ... Read More

Daily Digest: Hillary's Fact Hub: Own that Message!

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, November 9 2007

YearlyKos becomes Netroots Nation; a new widget gets out the women vote; a state-by-state study of voters' web habits reveals unsurprising results: IA and NH are the most tuned-in states; and Hillary Clinton launches a ... Read More