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Daily Digest: 10/16/07

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, October 16 2007

Much to his chagrin, Ron Paul is attracting support from online neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups; MoveOn tells Google to allow its name to be used in critical ads; is 2008 the Year of the Gimmick?; Al Gore says he ... Read More

techPresidentTV: Favorite Videos of the Week

BY Joshua Levy | Saturday, September 22 2007

We have so much fun picking out our favorite web videos every week, we thought we'd try something new with our video experiments. In this, our third techPresidentTV video, I look through a handful of our favorite web ... Read More

Daily Digest: 9/17/07

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, September 17 2007

Wikipedia and the candidates; Jane Hamsher sends an open letter to Elizabeth Edwards; Fred Thompson's website a hit with older men; tracking candidates' buzz? Here's five sites that can help; John McCain suggest that ... Read More

Rudy's Baby Steps: His First Web Ad

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, September 14 2007

Rudy Giuliani's been pretty late to the online video game, and he's been reluctant to use the web for anything that smells of voter engagement. But he's slowly learning, as is evidenced by staffer Dan Meyers' Running ... Read More

Political Videos Weekly Roundup

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, September 14 2007

Our second semi-subjective, semi-scientific list of the best new political videos of the week. As before, we're focusing on voter-generated content, but will include interesting videos from the campaigns too. If you have ... Read More

Betray Us: A Missed Opportunity?

BY Patrick Ruffini | Friday, September 14 2007

The controversy over MoveOn's General Betray Us ad reminds us that the best online strategy is still about getting the basics right. In this case: tapping into the visceral reaction to an event within the first 12-24 ... Read More

MoveOn's "Betray Us" Ad a Smart Move

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, September 12 2007

We could be wrong, but here’s a prediction about the power of viral campaigns: By the time the dust settles on the storm kicked up by’s highly provocative “Petraeus/Betray Us” ad in The New York Times ... Read More

Daily Digest: 7/13/07

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, July 13 2007

The Web on the Candidates A new web site,, is billing itself as a "hub for information about health care and the presidential campaign" and it truly is. Started by the Kaiser Family Foundation, the site ... Read More

The Long Tail of Online Political Video

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, June 14 2007

I'm glad that TechPresident blogger David All posted the "I've Got a Crush...on Obama" video this morning, because it opens up a discussion that Josh Levy and I started having yesterday when we got the same email tip ... Read More

Evaluating's First Online Town Hall

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, April 12 2007

No one doubts that is one of the most powerful and versatile e-organizations of the 21st century. But a quick glance at participation rates in the group's first "Virtual Townhall" this week might make you ... Read More