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Daily Digest: The Revolution? Televised, At Least a Little

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, July 29 2008

A new spot from MoveOn that will become MTV's second ever political ad involves jokey references to STDs and a confusing chicken metaphor -- both things that are big hits with the kids!; an activist group spawned online ... Read More

Favorite Videos of the Week: Hillary and the Political Thumb

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, May 16 2008

It’s Friday, and time to settle in and for some early morning tubin’. In our favorite videos of the week, we’re surprised by the winner of MoveOn’s Obama ad contest; Ralph Nader antagonizes ... Read More

Daily Digest: Obamacans Move On To Barack

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, May 12 2008

MoveOn announces the winner of its Obama ad contest; Andrew Sullivan, the web, and the fight against obedience, submission, and authoritarianism; a videoblogger asks, where is Ralph Nader's party and organization?; ... Read More

Daily Digest: The Obama Money Bomb Bombs?

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, April 22 2008

MySpace and NBC team up for mutual back scratching enhanced campaign coverage; Andrew Romano on headline-happy coverage from the campaign trail; MoveOn announces voting on voter-submitted pro-Obama videos; the Obama ... Read More

Daily Digest: Where is the Conservative MoveOn?

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, April 21 2008

The HuffPost breaks more news, this time about Hillary's closed-door comments; two strategists weigh in on why there's no conservative MoveOn; the perils of Obama's social networking strategy; a million strong ... Read More

Daily Digest: The First 21st Century Campaign?

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, April 18 2008

Ronald Brownstein says we're in the midst of the first truly 21st century campaign; Eventful goes local; MoveOn petitions against ABC; Ethan Zuckerman and the Berkman crew watch their favorite YouTube videos; the Village ... Read More

Daily Digest: Bittergate Bubbles Up

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, April 14 2008

The quest for the conservative MoveOn continues; Bittergate erupts from a citizen journalist's reporting; Bitter Voters for Obama supports their candidate; a Twitter feed reports every new superdelegate to declare his or ... Read More

Daily Digest: The Letter Wars of 2008

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, March 28 2008

The Letter Wars: MoveOn fights a letter from Clinton donors with their own letter; Political Machine is apparently some sort of game about politics. We're not sure; a conversation about Obama and the "digital presidency" ... Read More

Daily Digest: The Mac Is Whack?

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, February 15 2008

Talk about viral video: a malicious email claiming to link to a Clinton video can actually infect your computer with malware; Danny Glover launches a new site, comes out of the closet; the Blackroots are behind Donna ... Read More

Obama's Wired Tuesday Push

BY Ari Melber | Tuesday, February 5 2008

The Obama Campaign does not stress its historic Internet success. It does not even discuss the web as an obvious metaphor for Obama's candidacy: An open frontier where race and gender recede, new ideas vanquish the old, ... Read More