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Obama on Eons

BY Alan Rosenblatt | Friday, June 29 2007

The Obama campaign has just launched its Eons campaign, including a big ad on the Eons homepage rotation. For those of you unfamiliar with Eons, it is a social network for people ages 50 and up (I had to lie about my age ... Read More

Daily Digest: 6/22/07

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, June 22 2007

The Web on the Candidates Todd Zeigler at the Bivings Report articulates a strategy I've been trying to find the words for: he calls Ron Paul's dependence on third-party sites for campaign video, campaign news, ... Read More

A First Look At Obama On The Go

BY Justin Oberman | Friday, June 22 2007

With little fanfare the Barack Obama campaign has followed the Edwards and Hillary campaign in launching a multi-faceted mobile campaign. Obama supporters were emailed about the announcement with an emphasis on taking ... Read More

Amigos de Obama

BY Ruby Sinreich | Monday, June 4 2007

Warning: visiting the front page of Amigos de Obama will cause an enthusiastic reggaeton paean in Spanglish to Barack Obama to start playing and offer you no way to stop it. Which is why I recommend you skip right to the ... Read More

Clinton 2 Target Txters

BY Justin Oberman | Monday, May 14 2007

The New York Post is reporting that Hillary Clinton will anounce today a “mobile-to-mobile text-messaging push” to garner support for her presidential campaign. Read More

Edwards: End the War in 150 Characters or Less

BY Michael Whitney | Friday, May 11 2007

John Edwards is taking a big first step for mobile advocacy in '08. In a fundraising email yesterday, Edwards asked supporters to contribute money for a full-page ad to run in The Washington Post that shows the 100,000 ... Read More

Where Are My Text Messages Mr. Edwards?

BY Lynne d Johnson | Tuesday, March 6 2007

Though the focus of techPresident is on how the candidates use the Web, as well as how voter-generated content affects the process, I've become very interested in what methods are being employed in the mobile space. One ... Read More