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White House Announces Mobile Advice for Parents-to-Be

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, February 4 2010

Text BABY (English) or BEBE (Spanish) to 511411 and, under a project just announced by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (pdf), parents-to-be will get expert pregnancy and child-care advice from ... Read More

Science Proves Young People Love Mobile Phones

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, February 4 2010

Those of those who remember the days back when the Zack Morris and his football-sized cell phone were cultural icons before they were the subjects of a Jimmy Fallon running gag might be most struck by one particular ... Read More

Smartphones + Social Media Earn Public "Citizen Responder" Role

BY W. David Stephenson | Monday, February 1 2010

W. David Stephenson is a government/enterprise 2.0 consultant, with particular interest in homeland security and disaster response. Read More

Good for Biden, good for Bill White

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, December 3 2009

Houston's Democratic mayor Bill White is this close to making a decision on whether he'll throw his hat into the ring for the Texas governor's race. Taking a page from the Obama playbook, White's campaign offering up ... Read More

The Thinking Behind Announcing Biden by Text

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, November 17 2009

More tidbits of new media goodness from Obama campaign manager David Plouffe's book, Going Rogue. Oh wait, that's not right. This one is called Audacity to Win, and in it Plouffe's offers tasty bites from the ... Read More