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Hey, Baby:'s Text-Powered Teen Pregnancy Campaign

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Wednesday, September 26 2012

Exclusively for Personal Democracy Plus subscribers: Last January, Alysha Bologno, a digital engagement associate at the teen social change nonprofit got a new assignment: Create a new campaign around the issue of teen pregnancy.

The solution turned out to be an interactive text-messaging campaign. Participants received texts timed to the rhythms of life as a teen parent.

"What about putting a baby in someone’s phone, and waking them up at 6.30 and [contacting them] at other annoying moments throughout the day?" she said, recounting the concept (conception?) phase of the project. "It’s like a Tamagotchi."

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Edwards Campaign Circumvents Limits of Mobile Fundraising -- For Now

BY Colin Delany | Sunday, June 24 2007

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