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At Republican National Convention, Romney's Digital Director Hints At New App

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, August 30 2012

On a public Google Hangout Thursday afternoon, Mitt Romney's digital director, Zac Moffatt, announced that the campaign will soon roll out an event app that will handle event ticketing and provide a "social" component by pulling in Twitter and Facebook posts during a several-hour period around events. The upcoming app is not the only thing Team Romney has been up to. Over the weekend, the campaign rolled out "Victory Wallets," an analog to the one-click donations feature Barack Obama's campaign and the software firm Blue State Digital released earlier this year. Read More

From Romney and Obama Campaigns, Duelling Ads on the Tampa Bay Times Website

BY Miranda Neubauer | Tuesday, August 28 2012

As the Republican National Convention is now officially going forward in Tampa, both sides are making an effort to reach out to online readers of the local media outlets through ads — in some cases at the same time. The screenshot above of the Tampa Bay Times, also viewable to readers outside the Florida area, features a large, expandable, animated Obama ad at the top. In that ad, Romney's "qualifications" are checked off: "My tax returns: hidden. My companies: outsourced jobs. My state: 47th in job creation."

And on the bottom of the screen is an ad from the Republican National Committee hailing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as "America's Comeback Team" and promoting the hashtag #GOP2012.

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User-Generated Online Video Swamping Official Obama, Romney Content on YouTube

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, August 27 2012

From the beginning of the 2011-2012 U.S. Presidential election campaign in April 2011, there have nearly 2 billion views of videos tagged about Barack Obama or Mitt Romney on YouTube, Ramya Raghavan of YouTube Politics blogged today. The political campaigns are swimming in a sea of user-generated content, even moreso than in 2008. Read More

Mitt Romney's Been Atkined Again

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Tuesday, August 21 2012

The Australian lawyer and satirist Hugh Atkin's been busy in the past week, releasing a series of parodies of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Here's his latest. Atkin just finished a postgraduate course in law at ... Read More

How a Romney Gaffe that Wasn't Went Viral on the Web

BY Miranda Neubauer | Monday, August 20 2012

"I never tried to pretend that the original 'RMoney' image was real, and acknowledged that it was faked shortly after I posted it," said Dave Allsopp, co-founder of the liberal site Democratic Underground. "But I understand that since then people have been confused as to whether it is real or not. As I said, that's probably the main reason why it has spread so far."

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Quantifying this Year's "Lame" Presidential Campaign

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, August 16 2012

Illustration: David Colarusso

According to data from The 4th Estate Project, produced by former Neiman Fellow Bryan Rich and software developer Michael Howe, seventeen percent of statements attributed to the Obama campaign or the White House in a campaign story come without a person's name attached. Likewise, nobody is named as responsible for twenty-one percent of Romney campaign statements. These exclude statements from the candidates themselves. These figures are released exclusively to techPresident as disappointment mounts among political observers at the focus in this presidential campaign on personal attacks and relatively narrow issues. Read More

Why Sun Co-Founder Scott McNealy Supports The Romney-Ryan Ticket

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Thursday, August 16 2012

Here's an edited Q&A with Scott McNealy, the co-founder and former chief executive of Sun Microsystems, one of the early drivers of innovation in computing and the Internet before an acquisition by Oracle. Sun's mantra, "the network is the computer," was prophetic. McNealy is now chairman and cofounder of mobile startup Wayin, but he's also active in politics as a bundler for Mitt Romney. In an edited Q&A, McNealy lays out one case for Romney as a candidate for Silicon Valley. Read More

In Silicon Valley and Among Online Activists, Strong Response to Paul Ryan as VP Nominee

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Tuesday, August 14 2012

A few members of Silicon Valley's relatively small coterie of Mitt Romney supporters cheered the GOP presidential candidate on Monday for choosing House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan as his vice presidential nominee, saying that they appreciate the appointment of a man focused on the nation's balance sheet. Meanwhile, activists on both sides of the aisle online are gearing up to make Ryan's brand of fiscal conservatism a centerpiece of the rest of the election season. Read More

Wikipedia Was Prophetic, Sort Of, If You Roll Back the Tape on Ryan VP Pick

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, August 13 2012

We now know that Mitt Romney offered Paul Ryan the VP slot on Sunday August 5th. Which means that as of Monday August 6th, when I noted the recent Wikipedia edits might offer a clue to Romney's intentions, my suggestion that Ryan was the one to bet on was, ahem, prescient. Or just lucky. Read More

NBC Scoops Romney's VP App

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Saturday, August 11 2012

With its report on Mitt Romney's pick of House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan as his vice president on Friday night, NBC News effectively scooped the campaign with its intent to make the announcement via smart phone ... Read More