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The 311 Transaction

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, November 10 2010

Steven Johnson, writer and online entrepreneur, has a piece for Wired in which he explains what the treasure trove of data collected by New York City's 311 non-emergency reporting system can tell us about the swirling ... Read More

Bloomberg Has to Read Blogs to Find Out Where His President Is

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, April 20 2010

New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg is a little miffed that he had to find out about President Obama's visit to New York on Thursday from reading the Internets: "I just saw on the blogs this morning he was coming, so ... Read More

Bloomberg's "Connected City": E-govt Instead of We.Gov

BY Micah L. Sifry | Friday, October 2 2009

Yesterday, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg announced his "Connected City" initiative, rolling out a series of programs aimed at transforming how New Yorkers interact with and get services from city government. Read More

An Open 311 System for the City of New York - A Letter to Mayor Bloomberg

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, May 28 2009

[This letter is reposted from, with the permission of its author, John Geraci. We fully endorse its contents and call on others to help spread the word. The Editors. The Honorable Michael R. Bloomberg Mayor ... Read More

Daily Digest: Does Obama Need the Netroots?

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, March 3 2008

Obama's neglect of the netroots bores progressive bloggers; Obama's broad coalition of supporters, cultivated online, may negate the need for the netroots; dueling "red telephone" ads and a much-needed parody; six ... Read More

Daily Digest: Bloomie's Officially Out

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, February 28 2008

The Internet lets us be armchair pundits like never before; it's official: it's no longer cool to be a presidential candidate who's ignorant about technology; jymomma4obama gets the text out; Googlebombing from the ... Read More

Unity08, Bloomberg and the Specter of an Independent for President

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, January 10 2008

Whither third parties and independents in 2008? Unity08 is fading, as expected. But Bloomberg may yet run, if the conditions are right. With the right message, he could even go all the way. Read More

This Week's Favorite Videos: The Politics of Gender-Bending

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, November 9 2007

Is it me, or are the citizen-filmmakers of the world getting behind? This week, only one citizen-created video — the George Bush gender bender clip — caused much of a stir. Most of the other notable vids were ... Read More