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Beverage Industry Uses Online Ads to Protect Your Right to 32-Ounce Sodas

BY Nick Judd and Miranda Neubauer | Tuesday, June 5 2012

The American Beverage Association released a new spate of online ads to counter New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposal to ban the sale of large sodas. ABA wouldn't return techPresident's requests for comment, but their ads — with the message "Get the facts about beverages" and links to a site,, attacking "myths" about how sodas contribute to obesity — caught our attention on the heels of a full-page New York Times ad from the Center for Consumer Freedom depicting Bloomberg as a nanny. Read More

Daily Digest: 9/7/07

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, September 7 2007

Brave New Films takes a big swing at Rudy Giuliani; reasons behind excluding Ron Paul from the GOP Bloggers poll; Mike Bloomberg creates a MySpace page and a Facebook profile but is definitely NOT running, really, he ... Read More

Daily Digest: 6/28/07

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, June 28 2007

The Web on the Candidates As we mentioned a few days ago, David Colarusso's Community Counts added a new feature that lets voters vote for their favorite video submissions for the upcoming CNN/YouTube Democratic debate. ... Read More

Daily Digest: 6/21/07

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, June 21 2007

The Web on the Candidates The Media Bloggers Association has announced that PBS will be giving bloggers press credentials for next week's Democratic Presidential Forum hosted by Tavis Smiley at Howard University. ... Read More

Announcing Technorati Tracks: Blog Posts Mentioning Each Candidate

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, February 21 2007

We're pleased to announce our newest feature: Technorati tracks, a series of dynamic charts that show how often bloggers are mentioning the presidential candidates over the last 30 and 90 days. The charts are broken ... Read More