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The Internet Association Wants To Crowdsource Its Lobbying

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Monday, July 15 2013

The Internet Association's new Web site wants to engage Internet users in the policy process

The Internet Association on Monday launched a new online hub that its staff hope will open up the Beltway policymaking process to the public -- or at least encourage Internet companies' users to weigh in more often, and ... Read More

What the New Internet Lobby Looks Like: An Interview with Internet Association's Michael Beckerman

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Wednesday, September 19 2012

The Internet Association formally threw open its doors for business Wednesday, unveiling the 14 Web companies that make up its membership (they include AOL, Amazon, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, RackSpace and Zynga, among others). Its chief, Michael Beckerman, promises the organization will be a policy advocate not just for these companies but for their users, too. In a Q&A with techPresident, he talks about how that might work. Read More