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Please Stop Selling MOOCs As a Cure-All for Higher Education

BY Sam Roudman | Wednesday, June 19 2013

Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, promise to provide cheap or free college courses to any student with a Wi-Fi connection, but that's about it. Funny, then, that someone would suggest otherwise. Funnier still, because that someone is Anant Agarwal, the president of edX, in a recent piece that appeared on the Guardian's website. Read More

Disrupting Reason: MOOCs, Politics, and the Future of Higher Ed

BY Sam Roudman | Monday, May 13 2013

Can Sebastian Thrun's Udacity help reinvent California's higher ed? Photo: Steve Jurvetson

Education entrepreneurs like Udacity's Sebastian Thrun and San Jose State President Mohammed Qayoumi say that they can improve California's suffering higher education system with "massively online open courses," the much-hyped system that revolves around lectures delivered through online video. Advocates say the University of California and state universities need "disruption" — pitting them against faculty who say that cure would be worse than the disease. Read More