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POTUS On Twitter? Spox Says, "We Let Him Just Run Free"

BY Nataliya Nedzhvetskaya | Wednesday, August 1 2012

President Barack Obama at a Twitter event at the White House in 2011. Photo: Becky Kazansky / techPresident

"You'd be surprised to learn that we trust the President's judgment and his communications skills," Obama campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki said today. "And what he would like to tweet on Twitter, we let him just run free with that." Read More

Just How Social Are the London Olympics?

BY Jon Worth | Thursday, July 26 2012

At one level the XXXth Olympiad that starts Friday in London will be the most social Olympics ever. Athletes, volunteers, spectators and the media covering the event will be armed with an ever-greater array of social media tools on their smartphones and computers, and the ability for social networking is greater than at any games that has taken place in the past. But that should not be news, right? Every Super Bowl or World Series is going to be more social than the previous editions, simply as the requisite technology becomes more mainstream, and the boundary between mainstream and social media becomes more blurred. Instead the right question to ask is whether the way social media like Twitter or Facebook are being used during these games is maximizing their potential, and – if not – what lessons can be learned for the future. Read More