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Wikipedia Russia Strikes for 24 Hours in Protest of Proposed Legislation to Create Internet Blacklist

BY Lisa Goldman | Wednesday, July 11 2012

The Russian Wikipedia went dark for 24 hours on Tuesday to protest proposed government legislation that opponents believe is a thinly disguised attempt to censor the Internet. Democracy activists and Internet freedom advocates say the legislation would give the government sweeping powers to censor the Internet. But the government denies harboring any intention to restrict Internet access, accusing its opponents of not having read the text of the proposed legislation, which they say is designed to protect children from predators and illegal content. Read More

Russian Writer's 'Bloggers Against Garbage' Initiative Picks Up Steam

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, July 12 2011

France 24 International News carries this item from late last week about "Bloggers Against Garbage," an initiative founded by Sergey Dolya that seeks to use the power of social networks to mobilize clean-ups in parks and ... Read More

Russian Blogosphere Under Attack

BY Nick Judd | Friday, April 8 2011

LiveJournal, which is core infrastructure for Russia's political blogosphere, has been under distributed denial of service attack this week, according to The Moscow Times and others. (UPDATE: You can also check out ... Read More

Tracking the World's Mood on LiveJournal: Hopeful, Ecstatic, Less Depressed

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, November 5 2008

Barack Obama probably used the word "hope" more than any other, calling himself a "hope-monger," not a fear-monger. Here's some interesting evidence that his rise to power is making a lot of people hopeful: Moodgrapher ... Read More