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Next-Generation Political Crowdfunding Platforms Reimagine Small Dollar Giving

BY Jessica McKenzie | Friday, March 13 2015

Pennies can add up. (Wikipedia)

At a Social Media Week event held at Civic Hall last month, Benjamin Yee, a former Democratic campaign fundraiser, asked a conference room full of people if they had ever donated money to a political campaign. Nearly everyone raised a hand. When asked if they felt it had ever made a difference: not a one. Even if someone does feel like they have been a part of something bigger—one of the many small donors who helped carry Barack Obama to victory, for example—that in no way means that the candidate you back knows why you contributed or what you hope they will do once in office. Money talks, but only if you have enough to get a phone call or an invite to a fundraising event. Everything else is just chatter.

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Democracy Engine: A Personal Democracy Plus "Quick Look"

BY Sam Roudman | Friday, August 31 2012

Exclusively for Personal Democracy Plus subscribers: Jonathan Zucker founded Democracy Engine in 2010 to serve as a sort of collective fundraising platform, allowing groups to raise money online for entire slates of candidates at once. In the process, his company solved a few problems related to raising money online for political candidates and causes — and now, he says, Democracy Engine's core business is in powering online fundraising for political groups of all partisan stripes, providing a way for organizations to raise money without worrying about the intricacies of merchant accounts. Read More