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Poof! Gone.

BY Alan Rosenblatt | Thursday, April 10 2008

Now you see it, now you don't. I tried to show my Internet Advocacy Communication class the new McCain Girls video this evening. We have been following their adventures as we study YouTube's impact on the election, and ... Read More

Creepy... I'm Sorry, But it's Just Creepy

BY Alan Rosenblatt | Wednesday, April 9 2008

I just watched the new McCain girls video, "Here Comes McCain Again" and I am totally creeped out. Aside from the fact that they have butchered one of my favorite songs, the goth motif is really spooky. And the scene ... Read More

Daily Digest: Is It McCaining With You?

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, April 9 2008

The McCain Girls are back with another video; the LA Times on political video mashups; congrats to Jose Antonio Vargas and the rest of WaPo for their six (!) Pulitzers; a proposed bill restricting access to valuable ... Read More

Daily Digest: Obama in Chinese

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, April 8 2008

A "Clinton insider" launches a site calling for Obama/Clinton unity; another site makes it easy to lobby the super delegates; Bobby Jindal for VP?; conservative bloggers aren't paying much attention to McCain; a Chinese ... Read More

Daily Digest: Rest in Peace, Ron Paul Graphs!

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, April 7 2008

Media Matters illustrates just how many lobbyists are working on McCain's campaign; stop all political robo calls now!; folks Hillaryis44 create a 48-state flag; a kerfuffle over McCain, Obama, and Mark Warner ... Read More

Daily Digest: Pennsylvania and the Email Blitz

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, April 4 2008

TNR on the candidates' Wikipedia entries; email campaigns in PA reveal some odd choices; the first political meta-group in Facebook?; adding YouTube videos to a Googlebombing campaign; and Hillary launches a new ... Read More

Favorite Videos of the Week: The McCain Girls Strike Back!

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, April 4 2008

In this week's best videos, a McCain girl strikes back; Letterman and McCain jab each other; McCain releases what may be the cheapest political TV ad ever; Gravel goes psychedelic; and more. Also, today marks 40 years ... Read More

Daily Digest: Obama Girl Is Out?

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, April 3 2008

Clay Shirky talks to Salon about online organizing, Obama Girl, and more; polls show Obama Girl is getting tiresome; the Hillary Clinton Deathwatch is keeping a close eye on Hillary's chances; Jeff Jarvis asks who should ... Read More

Daily Digest: McCain Does Burning Man

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, April 2 2008

McCain does Burning Man -- not; more info on political Twitter spam; the DCCC announces convention credentials for state bloggers; Congresspeople in Second Life; cheesy Hillary video creator runs for Clinton convention ... Read More

Favorite Videos of the Week: It's Raining McCain (But Not Sniper Fire)

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, March 28 2008

The race may have winnowed down to three candidates, but the videos keep a-flowin'. John McCain's out with a new ad; a Robert Palmer tune gets an update; we meet John Barnes, a candidate who promises to stick to the ... Read More