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Daily Digest: Drafting a Digital New Deal [UPDATE]

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, May 13 2008

An anti-Hillary Facebook glitch; looking for the Digital New Deal; looking at the average worth of legislators vs. American families; White House Rocks and the superdelegate superheroes; a Mediabistro circus will focus ... Read More

Daily Digest: Can We Ask?

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, May 9 2008

Jose Antonio Vargas thinks Barack Obama's early popularity online pointed to his electoral success; Color of Change hits Hillary for "race-baiting"; Al Franken is annoyed by a pesky blogger; the New York Times botches ... Read More

Favorite Videos of the Week: It's Hard Out Here For A Chick [UPDATE]

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, May 9 2008

Ah Friday. Brew some coffee. Take a load off. Let YouTube take over. Watch as Mike Gravel sweeps Obama girl off her feet; as GOOD shows us where the money comes from in this campaign; as Cobra Commander asks for you ... Read More

Daily Digest: The Next Right Gets Grassroots

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, May 8 2008

Conservative strategists team up to produce a new grassroots site for the right; some conservative bloggers are supporting Barack Obama, and some netroots bloggers are going for Clinton, while cats and dogs start living ... Read More

Daily Digest: The Gas Tax Gets Scammed

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, May 6 2008

Matt Stoller on how the liberals rule the web; a report on how the netroots raised $400,000 for Donna Edwards; using Twitter to track the primaries; a new pro-Obama hip-hop song hits the tubes; a faux-Gas Tax Scam; ... Read More

Daily Digest: Uncle Sid's Secret Emails

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, May 2 2008

Color of Change pushes the popular vote as the Democratic decider; a video of John McCain being asked about a calling his wife a nasty name; Sidney Blumenthal's been sending around Obama rumor emails -- will he blame the ... Read More

Favorite Videos of the Week: Gravel Challenges Obama to Fire It Up!

BY Editors | Friday, May 2 2008

Barack plays hoops, Gravel authors a dance mix, Hillary struggles with the coffee machine, and more in our weekly roundup of political video hits and misses. Read More

Daily Digest: The Online Cacophony Gets the Vanity Fair Treatment

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, May 1 2008

A fury over robo-calls in NC; Slate's history of the Democratic race; James Wolcott on the growing schism in the Democratic party; a March Madness-inspired game lets you pick McCain's running mate; wants ... Read More

YouTube Political Round-up: HIllary Has a Coffee Malfunction; McCain Behind the Scenes?; Obama Rejects and Denounces

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, April 30 2008

Some quick takes on the three campaigns' ups and downs in YouTube-land: Will Hillary Clinton's difficulties finding the rest-stop coffee machine ON button go viral? Does anyone want to go "Behind the Scenes" with John ... Read More

Daily Digest: Is McCain Too Soft?

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, April 28 2008

Journalists continue to pick apart Hillary's $10 million feat; Richard Viguerie asks if John McCain is too "soft" to run for president; a video shows Obama's supporters becoming less gracious over time; remember life ... Read More