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Obama and McCain Surrogates Describe Two Very Different Tech Presidents

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, May 21 2008

I'm at the 18th annual Computers, Freedom, and Privacy conference, being held at Yale this week, and this morning's opening session on "Presidential Technology Policy: Priorities for the Next Executive" featured ... Read More

Daily Digest: We'll Do It Live!

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, May 21 2008

A new Republican group swears web domination is all about the right tools; the presidential race is the best example of the impact of blogging on politics, says Technorati; Jose Antonio Vargas gets introspective about ... Read More

The McCain Campaign's "Reckless" Email Strategy

BY Michael Whitney | Tuesday, May 20 2008

John McCain's online team needs to find someone who knows what they're doing with the campaign's email list. Campaign manager Rick Davis sent an email to supporters this afternoon titled "Reckless" - clocking in at 597 ... Read More

McCain's Last Primary to Win: YouTube-land

BY Michael Tate | Tuesday, May 20 2008

Here's a quick assessment of Senator McCain's "Behind the Scenes" videos on YouTube. Read More

Case-Study: Republicans Go Nuclear on Barack

BY David All | Tuesday, May 20 2008

As an effective deployment of a modern media strategy, I want to share a recent example engineered by, among others, the Washington State Republican Party putting the hammer to Barack Obama after a *major* gaffe while ... Read More

Daily Digest: The Blogs Move Past Clinton

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, May 20 2008

The Obama camp "leaks" an alleged VP short list; McCainPedia is criticized for not being wiki enough; James Kotecki and David McMillan ponder Obama's blackness; a new Brave New Films video rises to the top of the viral ... Read More

Daily Digest: McCainPedia Launches, But Is It Really A Wiki?

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, May 19 2008

BlogHer interviews Barack Obama; a literary deconstruction of an anti-Obama smear; Brave New Films hits McCain with another biting video; blowback from the DNCC's choices for credentialed state bloggers; get your Jews ... Read More

Daily Digest: Non-Conservatives Board the McCain Train

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, May 16 2008

Obama's message to wealthy donors nets a new casualty; a study says most Americans aren't watching online political videos; a nasty, dirty Second Life build; John McCain reaches out to non-conservatives on blogger ... Read More

John McCain: Tolstoy in My Inbox

BY Patrick Ruffini | Thursday, May 15 2008

Good online strategy is simple: reflect the very best of your candidate offline. John McCain offline is transparent, accessible, and willing to answer any question. John McCain online is stilted and awkwardly asking me ... Read More

Obama Looks Ahead to Oregon Primary in E-mail Push

BY Kate Kaye | Tuesday, May 13 2008

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain continue to hit up supporters for cash via e-mail, but Obama for America is going one step further. The Senator's campaign is asking diehards via e-mail to trek to Oregon and ... Read More