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Daily Digest: McCain's Online Drubbing

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, May 30 2008

John McCain takes a drubbing on YouTube; the conservative blogosphere and Obama's Auschwitz "gaffe"; Congress, Franking Rules, and wikis; the Forum on Participation and Politics Online is next week; your humble Daily ... Read More

The Making of the "God Sent Hitler" Viral Video, and McCain's Break From Hagee

BY Micah L. Sifry | Friday, May 30 2008

What follows is the first-person account of the making of the viral video of Pastor John Hagee that precipitated Senator John McCain's decision to renounce Hagee's endorsement of his candidacy. Wilson is a co-founder of ... Read More

Favorite Videos of the Week: Los Candidatos en Puerto Rico

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, May 30 2008

This Sunday is the Puerto Rico Primary, and the Democratic candidates are doing their best to show their inner Puerto Rican-ness by dancing in the streets, drinking the local beer, and speaking accented Spanish. ... Read More

Daily Digest: Digging Obama

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, May 29 2008

A Digg-style site lets Obama supporters make suggestions to the campaign; a video of a Young Hillary Clinton; who, exactly, are these online Republicans we hear about?; Click 4 Obama makes a political FreeRice site; ... Read More

McCain Email Watch: Breaking the Bank for a Banner

BY Michael Whitney | Wednesday, May 28 2008

John McCain's often aimless email messages are something of a recurring theme here at techPresident, so much so that we're dubbing the topic "McCain Email Watch."  Patrick Ruffini got us started with a post on the ... Read More

Daily Digest: Qik! Follow that Congressman!

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, May 28 2008

A fake superdelegate on YouTube; Hillary can't catch a break online; Grover Norquist shows up in the RNC's "Can We Ask" campaign; graphic designers get out the vote; new speakers announced for PdF 2008; John McCain ... Read More

Daily Digest: Is Slatecard the Republican ActBlue?

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, May 27 2008

The Next Right launches; is Slatecard the "Republican ActBlue"?; Hillary Clinton's bad day; it's the network, stupid; Barack Obama is the jukebox favorite; Al Franken continues to get hounded by bloggers; Newt Gingrich ... Read More

Daily Digest: Who Stole David Brooks?

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, May 23 2008

David Brooks talks about geeks, tech, and politics; dreams of an Obama-Webb ticket; CQ's VP contest is over, and the winner is...; a new study suggests that HuffPo readers aren't as homogeneous as you think; two new ... Read More

Favorite Videos of the Week: Memorial Day Video Treats

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, May 23 2008

Just in time for the Memorial Day holiday, we bring you eight political videos that are guaranteed to stick to your consciousness like ketchup on a burger. You can never escape the tubes! Read More

Daily Digest: Lobbyist Lollypops, Blogger Blow-Ups

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, May 22 2008

A new song wants to convince John McCain to fire the lobbyists working for his campaign; the DNCC blog dust-up continues; The Next Right is set to launch next week; a catalog of robo-calls from around the country; the ... Read More