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The Laws of USA-bility, According to Scott Thomas (Former Design Director, Obama for America)

BY Rachel Abrams | Tuesday, September 22 2009

To a web designer, IA stands for Information Architect. To a busload of Obama campaigners bound for swing states, IA meant Iowa. Thankfully, Scott Thomas, the former Design Director for the Obama election web site, was ... Read More

Recalling the Online Ad Wars of 2008 (Book Excerpt)

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, May 4 2009

If most media outlets covering the presidential campaigns had anything to say about it, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, and other social media phenomena would get all the credit for making 2008 the most digital election ever. ... Read More

Daily Digest: McCain Forwards, Dean in Demand, and Oversight Gets Lost in the Sausage

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, February 4 2009

Not to be cowed by Organizing for America's 13-million-member or so mailing list, John McCain stepped into the fray yesterday with an email to his list on the stimulus package before Congress... We may never know what ... Read More

Daily Digest: McCain's Grassroots Moment

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, January 8 2009

"My Friend...": Presidential silver medalist John McCain jumped back into the political fray yesterday with the launch of a "grassroots organization" called Country First. The Arizona senator is ... Read More

Google Grabbed Most of Obama's $16 Million in 2008

BY Kate Kaye | Thursday, January 8 2009

(Crossposted from ClickZ.) Barack Obama's presidential campaign spent over $16 million on online advertising in 2008. John McCain's camp spent a fraction of that: around $3.6 million. Google was far and away the winner, ... Read More

Daily Digest: Party Hopefuls Vying for Tech Cred

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, January 6 2009

Gathering of RNC Candidates Highlights Tech: The half dozen contenders for the post of RNC chairman gathered yesterday for an event that was threaded through with what might fairly be called an obsession with ... Read More

McCain Campaign Closing Oops - Selling Blackberries with Confidential Data Still on Them

BY Sarah Granger | Sunday, December 14 2008

FOX 5 of Washington D.C. went to the McCain/Palin campaign fire sale in Arlington, Virginia on Thursday and purchased a couple of dead Blackberries. After powering them up with new batteries, the reporters found that ... Read More

McCain and Obama Used Web to Persuade in Final Weeks

BY Kate Kaye | Wednesday, December 3 2008

(Reposted from ClickZ) Barack Obama and John McCain duked it out till the very end online, with ads that went after specific audiences in important swing states. Sites across the Web were drowned in hundreds of millions ... Read More

Pride and Participation: Election Day Exhibitionism Thrives

BY Sarah Granger | Thursday, November 13 2008

This election had many firsts, but before we move on entirely to the new administration, the special meaning evoked November 4 by rejuvenating American democracy should not be undervalued or forgotten. Not only did ... Read More