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Daily Digest: If Chris Dodd Scores a Victory, Does Anyone Hear It?

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, December 19 2007

Glenn Greenwald takes Chris Dodd's FISA victory seriously, unlike most of big media; Colin Delany is impressed with the grassroots effort behind Dodd; BlogHer asks why the candidates won't speak with them; a partnership ... Read More

Daily Digest: Are Federal Elections Hot or Not?

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, December 18 2007

Some writers forget that Ron Paul is in fact (partly) responsible for his own fundraising numbers; Huckabee and Kucinich try out their own money bomb schemes; MayorTV inserts urban issues into the race; new websites seek ... Read More

Win Free or Die in NH

BY Allison Fine | Tuesday, December 18 2007

As we race into the most compact primary schedule ever and the top two candidates for the Democrats continue to dominate the polls, I’ve realized that campaigns are a lot like ball games: the key ingredient that makes ... Read More

Daily Digest: Tag Clouds as Truth Serum

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, December 12 2007

The tag clouds accompanying the Washington Post's candidate profiles are unexpectedly revealing; Ben Smith searches for the truth behind site that is vigorously pro-Hillary and anti-everyone else; a new site covering the ... Read More

Daily Digest: What Would You Do with 71 Million Names?

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, December 11 2007

The FEC recommends that John Edwards not receive matching funds for the $4.3 million he raised on ActBlue, and DailyKos protests; a single Republican activist has a list of 71 million Christian voters, prompting the left ... Read More

Daily Digest: The Geeks Discover the Candidates

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, December 7 2007

Mike Huckabee is getting high negatives in the blogosphere, testing the theory that any publicity is good publicity; the campaigns aren't just reaching young people with social media, but fogies too; Mashable attempts a ... Read More

Our Favorite Online Videos: Barack, Meet Bollywood

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, December 7 2007

Here it is kids, our favorite videos of the week! Take the jump to see a new video from the vicious SwiftKids for Truth, Mike Gravel talking to himself, a hilarious poke at Silicon Valley, and -- my favorite -- a mashup ... Read More

This Week's Favorite Videos: Huckabee's Phone Call and Gravel's Power to the People

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, November 30 2007

Our favorite videos are back! This time around, the increasingly non-threatening Joe Biden gets quoted by his opponents; John Edwards posts a couple of strong campaign videos; Mike Huckabee gets a strong endorsement and ... Read More

It's the List, Stupid!

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, November 28 2007

There's nothing wrong with political campaigns trying to build up their email lists. Nor is there anything wrong with doing it by riding the news and connecting their campaign priorities to voters' concerns. But when is ... Read More

Daily Digest: The CNN/YouTube Debate is Tonight: Let the Public Decide!

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, November 28 2007

Getting ready for tonight's CNN/YouTube debate; it's good to see all of the Republicans participating, and the introduction of user-submitted videos is a welcome change, but we're still wishing it involved the public in ... Read More