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Daily Digest: The Netroots vs. Ronald Obama

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, January 18 2008

The netroots take issue with Barack Obama comparing himself to Ronald Reagan; Jose Antonio Vargas reminds us that the web isn't just about raising money but about bringing voters into the fold; another new site lets ... Read More

Daily Digest: Google Announces Political Checkout

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, January 17 2008

Round ups of the conservative blogosphere make it clear that the GOP contest is wide open; Ron Paul supporters may be getting the shaft on Digg and PayPal; Ars Technica decides the New Hampshire vote controversy isn't a ... Read More

The Democratic Race: Obama Dominating Online Organizing of Offline Events

BY Micah L. Sifry | Tuesday, January 15 2008

Time for another periodic look at grassroots activity being generated by the top Democratic campaigns, which give their supporters online tools to organize and advertise local house parties, fundraisers, phone-banking ... Read More

Daily Digest: Is The GOP Ignoring The Web?

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, January 15 2008

A new site does a great job of illustrating the candidates' health care positions; progressive liveblogging during the Michigan primary; the Caucus Calculator is updated for Nevada; why aren't the Republicans using the ... Read More

John Edwards Has Raised $1 Million Online Since Iowa

BY Colin Delany | Monday, January 7 2008

John Edwards has raised $1 million online since the Iowa caucuses, which is the fastest it has raised that amount since the campaign began. Read More

If MoveOn Members Could Pick a Candidate...

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, January 2 2008

...the results would be as blurry as any other poll of Democratic primary voters (except for the appearance of Congressman Dennis Kucinich bunched alongside Barack Obama, John Edwards and Hillary Clinton in the top four, ... Read More

John Edwards' Ad Contest: It's Good, But Open It Up!

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, December 28 2007

Today John Edwards is launching a contest called My Vote, My Voice, which gives Edwards supporters the chance to create their own ads for the campaign. While it should generated plenty of participation from supporters, ... Read More

Daily Digest: Abridged Mid-Holiday Edition

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, December 26 2007

Will students show up to caucus in Iowa? Maybe, if Facebook can help it; CNET laments the lack of attention paid to tech policy in 2007; the Ron Paul blimp flies while John Edwards is denied funds. Fair?; Garrett Graff ... Read More

Daily Digest: Huckabee and Edwards Surge Online

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, December 20 2007

Compete releases new data showing an online surge for Huckabee and Edwards, but Paul is still king; MTV launches its ambitious "Street Team '08" citizen journalism project; YouTube asks Iowans to videotape the run-up to ... Read More