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Boehner New Media Director Heads to Chamber

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, March 23 2011

Big changes on the Hill new media front: Nick Schaper, who has been serving as Speaker John Boehner's new media director, is moving on to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Mike Allen reports he'll be serving there as ... Read More

Boehner Tasks Team with Updating the House

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, March 16 2011

When it comes to tech, it can still seem like the late '90s, perhaps early aughts in the U.S. House of Representatives. With that in mind, Speaker John Boehner announced today that he's assembling a "House ... Read More

Nothing Succeeds Like Success. And the Opposite.

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, January 19 2011

Photo credit: Medill DC Here's a raw nugget of reportage that's been collecting dust on my desk. Perhaps you can make some additional sense of it: Read More

The Numbers on Yesterday's Facebook'd Gavel Passing

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, January 6 2011

Speaker Boehner's office offers a peek behind the curtain at the traffic their streaming of yesterday's House swearing-in ceremony on Facebook got: Read More

Incoming Speaker Boehner Facebook-Streams House Handover

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, January 4 2011

Wednesday, the 5th of November, is, of course, the day that Nancy Pelosi hands over the speaker's gavel to John Boehner (figuratively, at least). And the latter's office just annouced that they'll be sending out live ... Read More

Proposed U.S. House Rules Welcome (Quiet) Mobile Devices to the Floor

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, December 23 2010

So, it looks like, yep, iPads are indeed coming to the floor of the House of Representatives, at least as long as the rules changes proposed by the incoming Republican leadership are adopted as they stand. Read More

Proposed House Rules for the 112th Embrace Functional Transparency

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, December 22 2010

The leadership of every new congress gets a chance to shape the institution in their image and likeness, and this incoming Republican majority has, as we've discussed, put a big emphasis on making the body more open to ... Read More

C-SPAN Calls on Boehner to Show How Congress Reacts

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, November 15 2010

Ah, another change of power on Congress, and another call by C-SPAN to let them finally film the goings-on of the legislature in the way that they'd film any other debate-type event -- by capturing not just the face of ... Read More