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European Parliament Adopts Law to Keep Internet Open

BY Rebecca Chao | Thursday, April 3 2014

Is all Internet traffic created equal? The European Parliament thinks so, voting on Thursday to adopt a law on net neutrality, which would make it harder for Internet service providers (ISPs) to discriminate against certain types of Internet traffic based on the source. Read More

In Australia, ISPs Opt In to Block Websites With 'Child Abuse Material'

BY Becky Kazansky | Wednesday, June 22 2011

Starting next month, major Australian Internet service providers Telstra and Optus will block access to more than 500 websites on a government-supplied list of pages that allegedly provide content like child pornography, ... Read More

Net Neutrality Legislation Returns, But to a Different Playing Field

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, August 3 2009

There might be one silver lining in Apple's shut-out of Google Voice from its iTunes store. Read More