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Breaking: Clinton Makes Vague Remarks in the General Direction of Twitter

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, June 17 2009

Hillary Clinton was asked by reporters today about the outreach from within her State Department to Twitter. Read More

Iran Roundup: Facts and Framing

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, June 17 2009

The role of social media in Iran, the seeming insatiable hunger to declare the events there a Twitter/Not Twitter Revolution, and the validity of assumptions about the power of technology to overthrow governments (or at ... Read More

Engaging in Iran, from Miles and Miles Away

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, June 16 2009

Some of us might remember the dawn of the cable news age, when through our TV boxes we were suddenly empowered to see in near real-time the events taking places in lands separated from us by thousands of miles and entire ... Read More