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Information Age Volunteerism - Open Sourced! Crowdsourced!

BY Ben Rigby | Friday, February 6 2009

Despite the attention paid to national service recently, the field of volunteerism remains stolidly in the Industrial Era. But the moment is ripe... Information Age Volunteerism - Open Sourced! Crowdsourced! Read More

A Freed Gets Wigitized, iPhone Apped

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, December 3 2008

Get the widget the website is so yesterday. Today, it's the widget, iPhone app, and mobile tool. We noted a few days ago that online home of the Obama-Biden Transition Project had ... Read More

A Mobile Opportunity for McCain

BY Michael Tate | Wednesday, October 15 2008

Obama's campaign released an iPhone application (thanks to an all-volunteer creative base). So how can McCain catch up and prove that his campaign has tech prowess? Release their version of the application on Google's ... Read More

Obama Releases iPhone App, but Why? [UPDATED]

BY Michael Whitney | Thursday, October 2 2008

Today the Obama campaign announced it released the Obama '08 iPhone app, a free application for your iPhone or iPod Touch. The app is pitched as a "a great volunteering tool that lets you make a difference any time you ... Read More

Daily Digest: Plutocracy-Killing People-Empowered Politics?

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, October 2 2008

The Web on the Candidates Finding a Voice, Using It: Now's a good time to ask, what the heck happened with the defeat of the bailout bill on Capitol Hill on Monday? Our own Micah Sifry has an intriguing look at whether ... Read More

Daily Digest: Palin's Thunder Unleashes Fundraising Avalanche -- for Dems

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, September 5 2008

Reactions to McCain's speech, Palin's speech spurs major fundraising haul... for Democrats, insightful RNC reporting by Twitter, and John McCain's Green Screen goof, Read More

Daily Digest: 7/2/07

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, July 2 2007

The Web on the Candidates Two weeks ago we reported about John Edwards' "Demand and Be Heard" competition, in which the campaign encouraged supporters to use Eventful to "demand" an appearance by Edwards in their town. ... Read More