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A Wikileaks for the U.N.'s Would-Be Internet Regulators

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, June 6 2012

Mercatus Institute senior researcher Jerry Brito thinks people on the Internet should know what people at the United Nations propose to do to the Internet. That's why he's launching a site called, where he's pledging to anonymously publish any documents sent to him outlining proposals about U.N. regulation of the Internet that might be discussed in December at a meeting called the World Conference on International Communications.

Update: WCITLeaks says it's got its first leak. Read More

Should U.N. Politics Affect the Internet?

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Thursday, May 24 2012

A key U.S. House subcommittee plans on examining the implications of the U.S. ceding control of key aspects of the global Internet infrastructure next Thursday. The House Energy and Commerce's subcommittee on Communications and Technology announced Wednesday that it's going to hold a hearing on proposals at the United Nations' International Telecommunication Union to afford more control over Internet governance to countries other than the United States. Read More