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[Transcript] Surveillance and Its Discontents: A Conversation Across Cyberspace with Edward Snowden and John Perry Barlow

BY Jessica McKenzie | Thursday, June 12 2014

John Perry Barlow and Edward Snowden at PDF14 (Photo: Doc Searls/Flickr)

A full transcript of the Personal Democracy Forum 2014 keynote, Surveillance and its Discontents: A Conversation Across Cyberspace, with Edward Snowden and John Perry Barlow Read More

The Europe Roundup: Can you Crack the Code for Your Next Job?

BY Antonella Napolitano | Friday, December 2 2011

UK | Can you Crack the Code for Your Next Job? UK intelligence agency Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) decided to go beyond the usual recruiting techniques by launching a code-cracking competition. ... Read More

The Mapmakers for the U.S. Intelligence Community Who Helped Catch Bin Laden

BY Nick Judd | Monday, May 2 2011

The hunt for Osama bin Laden took years and involved some of the most sophisticated technology the U.S. military could bring to bear, including an entire agency devoted to developing intelligence based on maps and ... Read More

Spy vs. Discoverability: The Challenges of Intelligence in a 2.0 World

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, May 20 2009

Federal Computer Week's Alan Joch has an interesting story about how the U.S. intelligence community is feeling its way towards the smarter use of information in a networked world. Read More